The Exterior

Written by Amanda

Exterior Front

The exterior is something I’ve been staring at on my computer (and, quite frankly, driving by;) since we our offer was accepted 7 weeks ago.  The house is in excellent condition, but your basic Fargo Beige (<— that’s a real thing) up, down, and sideways. Here’s what we would like to do:

  • Paint the garage door, shutters and possibly front door navy
  • Replace the lights with something black/orb
  • Add railings on the front steps
  • Possibly refinish the front steps
  • Add punchy planters and flowers to add color
  • House numbers (they are currently only on our mailbox)

Excuse the rudimentary-ness of this mock-up, but you get the idea

Exerior mock up

We would like to do pretty much anything to add some contrast and cut the 70’s back a little bit. (Not that there is anything wrong with beige siding, cream carpets, tan walls, formica counters and yellow-undertoned walnut woodwork every.where. You’ll see my friends, you’ll  see…) We are keeping the front bushes for now, only because it would take YEARS to get something different to look full like that. I am thinking of painting the doors this week, can’t have the neighbors thinking we are nice, safe, normal people.


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