Exterior update

Written by Amanda

It’s been a few weeks, I thought I would be much farther than I am , but hey- there is no prize at the end for racing through projects. So lets see some progress!

House exterior phase 1 afterIMG_6071

After narrowing down from 15 options, I did get the garage door and shutters painted; 3 coats each of Benjamin Moore Hale Navy (8th from the left). I also found out those sunburst things on the windows were inserts on top of the glass, not windows themselves. So happy! I ripped them out, and then seeing them gleefully bent up beyond repair on the ground I remembered there is a second half that lives here and maybe I should be running decisions past him? Too late though, and it scalped about 35 years off the top of the garage door, so luckily, he liked the change too:)

The top shutters on the left of the house were a bit precarious to take down (good thing my husband didn’t see me wobbling on the ladder, sorry honey!) but they came off pretty easily. Getting into all the nooks and crannies with paint was challenging, but with a 2″ brush, we wiggled the paint into the slats and cracks on the sides.



Look how much the siding has faded! This is behind the shutters,which face east. I’m almost glad the rest of the house is a more sun-bleached color, Beige is just not my jam.

I also bought light fixtures that did NOT come out of the box like this, so I took all the glass out and spray painted the 3 coats of Rustoleum ‘hammered black’. Not sure if it looks much different than other black spray paint options, but it definitely improved the finish, and I am much happier with the look.

IMG_6065 (1)


Exterior b&a phase 1

The navy definitely helps break up the beige, and several Facebook comments mentioned how nice it was that we ‘painted our grass green”. Rain, my friends. It does wonders. Cant believe how much the trees filled in the background as well.

Here’s how our list is coming along:

  • Paint the garage door, shutters and possibly front door navy
  • Replace the lights with something black/orb
  • Add railings on the front steps
  • Possibly refinish the front steps
  • Add punchy planters and flowers to add color
  • House numbers (they are currently only on our mailbox)

We even got a sweet note from our mail lady about what she thought of the new hue:)IMG_8871


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