The workbench!

After dreaming and scheming of a workbench in our garage since we moved in (and hey, for many months before we even bought the house), a perfect opportunity to make it come to life happened this weekend. Mike was at a bachelor party at the lake allllll weekend, it was 92 degrees with 312% humidity, and the airshow was clogging all the roads between our house and Menards -but I must build (using my most dramatic theater-dance voice, feel free to insert pump-up music here as you are dreaming about this workbench)



We started with 2 saw horses, and a very floppy piece of OSB board for a “bench,” which really only held 2 totes of junk I didn’t even know we had. I cleaned out the space and started to build the bench:

I had bought a 2′ x 8′ piece of butcher block at ikea last weekend (baaaarely fit in my car) to use as a countertop


I got the bench made and installed, and fussed around with bracing for the pegboard.

WB4 WB7 WB8All the while doing this, I did not give Mike one glimpse, I wanted it to be a total surprise as to what it would look like (spoiler alert: he was blown away:)

Finally, after getting the pegboard up, light attached, bracing for the wood pile above, the part I had been looking forward to:

WB5 WB11 WB12 WB14 WB10 WB15Now, we can actually see what boards we have on hand. The shelf above holds long scrap wood.

Did you know you don’t have to buy a new box of screws or nails every time you do a project because somewhere in your house there is a pile of them that has been hidden and hoarded by some deranged nutcase? Because that’s what I found after looking through all of our tool and supply stashes.

Here is the final look. On Sunday, I went to check on the workbench about every other hour, and tucked it into bed just to make sure it would be ok on its first night in out house. Someday soon, it’ll be covered in boo-boos, scratches, paint splatters, (they grow up so fast!) but for now, all shiny and new:) WB9


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