So Bright and so clean!

We had a MAD whirlwind come through our house, luckily, said whirlwind is productive and such a good time:) The Mr. was out of town again this weekend, so I took the opportunity to do some kitchen cabinet do-si-do, as well as blast them with white paint to drown out the screaming seventies. Here’s where we started:

before 1

Very dark, heavy wood grain that swallowed up all the light, even in the full sunshine. Since we took out the cabinets hanging over the peninsula out (on the second day living there!) we had a weird open end just sort of hanging out. I’ve wanted to try out the open shelving trend for awhile, so I planned for that as well (spoiler alert: we LOVE it!)

During 2

The main snafu we found was instead of slicing through the frame and removing the end two cabinets, we had to remove the entire bank of uppers on that wall. Turns out the top of all the cabinets was one piece, and the frames were all attached to that. Writing it out in two sentences makes it seem easy but it was probably 2 hours of cutting, exploring, figuring, cursing, pulling, wedging, and prying before they all came off the wall. during 3

With the magic of the internet I bring you 2 coats of primer and 2 coats of paint!

IMG_9226 IMG_9210

After 1

Since we painted the cabinets, we also went ahead and added cabinets in the dining room, for serving pieces and extra storage. We bought a walnut slab and clear-coated it, placed it on top and loaded them up. I am swooning over the extra storage, and we loooove the look. IMG_9524



Overall, this has been a big hit on the transformation station, (wow, that was corny!) but it has truly made SUCH a difference. The appliances are still cream, the counters are still tan and orange, the lighting is crying to be replaced, but painting all that dark wood has made the kitchen feel 3x bigger.

Next up: entryway closet redo


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