The “gym”

Most of you that know me know how much I like the idea of exercise. Going to the dentist? No prob. Standing in a huge line? Meh, the people watching is good, at least. exercising? Like running and lifting and crap like that? No. Thank. you. Now, up here in the Nort’, it gets dark at 4:30pm at the darkest period of winter. We don’t see the sun much, and it has affected us in not so nice ways. Also, Schenny was a runner in high school, so he’s been itching to get back into that. So! We decided to make the 4th bedroom into a home gym. We haven’t finished the room yet, but here is where we’ve started:

Gym Before

Gym before

A two-toned green room with beige shag carpet. Lots of dark wood trim and an ornate boob light (not shown, don’t worry, its hideous). We removed the carpet and pad, and pried up all the carpet tack strips. We did this in our old house, and also removed about 850 staples. Here, the carpet strips were nailed into the cement, which I was having a hell of a time removing. In swooped my main man, and he got into a rhythm taking them out. Thankfully, the carpet pad was not glued down, so we sliced and rolled it up, and took it out the garage.

Removing tack strips

Here is where we left off: carpet gone

So, since then I have painted the trim (le sigh, waiting on the 3rd coat to dry) we are picking out paint and will be installing the rubber/foam flooring soon. Can’t wait to cover up that floor!


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