Progress? What progress?

In the gym, we left off with “we’ll be painting soon, and can’t wait to get that flooring in!” That was, what, end of October? Yikes. Shamefully, here is how it has looked FOR AN ENTIRE MONTH.


I trimmed! Whomp whomp. We did add in a new light fixture, so that has definitely helped, but this is exactly how the room is. Real life people. Even I need a push every now and again. Luckily, my wonderful partner in crime as agreed to help me paint this room this weekend, so I should at least have SOME update next week.

Here’s what we’ve actually been doing in the meantime:


Glitter tree

We have 2 trees this year! the one in the basement has our sentimental ornaments on it, and the beauty is my glitter tree, all decked out and sparkly for the front window.


I got this chair for a song at a pop-up shop in downtown Fargo. What I didn’t realize it the person who made-over this char painted the fabric, its not actually black fabric. So crunchy and rough, and she hadn’t finished painting the cushion yet. When it is complete, I am thinking of reupholstering with either a black velvet or a textured leather, and keeping the frame white. I love the contrast!


Here is our living room as it stands (without the Christmas decos). It was the first snow of the year, and the lighting from outside was sooo good. I am thinking of adding some molding to the back wall, maybe painting the whole wall behind the couch black? I know my mom is probably clutching her heart right now, but I think it will add some depth and drama, and with the giant windows on the right, the room can handle it. All the furniture in this room is from the old house, and I would like to change most of it out. All in good time though.


I am starting to redo the Barbie house my Grandparents made for Britta and I when we were little. There is a whole world out there full of miniaturists, and I am excited to create a whole new house with ideas that wouldn’t work in my own (real-life) house. But every renovation project needs a plan, so I helped her draw some  blueprints of what the house will be. Can’t wait to get started on this!

We have been on a bit of a lull around the house, and I think with the holidays, it might continue for a bit. Once January hits, though, there are 284 days until February; that month draaaaaags on. I will need something to occupy the time! So with that, I leave you with this.



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