Hit the floor and give me 20

So I can’t do 20 pushups, nor do I want to, so that is just a catchy title meant to drag you in. Worked right?

We have painted the room and installed flooring! We chose the puzzle-piece type lock-together foam tiles, often which are featured in multi-color eye vomit in daycare centers. We found some at Menards in dark gray for $1.11 a square foot, which is by far the least expensive we could find. Plus, if one gets ruined, they easily pop out and can be replaced. There was a certain puzzle factor that Schenny enjoyed; they seem like they could go together in any way, but each corner to corner joint needed to be assessed. Luckily, I’m the one that picks out the pretty stuff and he is the one that puts it together, a fine team we make.  Without further ado: the floor!


Each piece came with 2 edges, so by the end we had a giant pile of unused edges.


We haven’t quite figured out how to make a threshold between carpet that has not been glued down and foam tiles that are not glued down. for now, we squared it off by the door.


Don’t let him fool you, it wasn’t that hard:) Now that the flooring is down, I almost feels like it’s heated, considering we’ve been walking on the bare cement for 2 months.

Next on the list is finish the cornice boxes for above the windows, get a wall mount bracket for our TV, hang the boxing bag, and stage the room.  Gyms should have pretty things in there to look at, shouldn’t they?


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