Craft room desk

I needed a workspace in this workspace and have been hoarding this giant desktop  from Ikea (ask my sister how fun the car ride from the cities was with this in my tiny car. Peals of laughter from that one, I can assure you #sarcasticsister) I also wanted the desk to have a file drawer and a cool leg, since everything else in the room was pretty square and white. And by cool  leg, I don’t mean a sawhorse. More sleek, less industrial garage.


I started with a few six foot hickory wood pieces that were cut in half and glued together to make a beefier piece to work with.  I used three separate planks to make an angled shape leg and then used white melamine and trim to create the other side of the desk for support and to hide the file cabinet.




Once the desk was made and placed, the fun things that make a room fabulous can come together. Adding a plant is always a nice touch, and after seeing the navy curtains, I am thinking of a rich navy velvet with some sort of trim detail. I found a fantastic lamp that takes the whole desk up a notch, and added an acrylic clock to the desk top as well.



I need artwork, organization bins and labels, knick knacks, and a new light fixture to round out the space. I also need to paint the closet doors and add something to them- trim? mirrors? texture? pattern? who knows. I’ve thrown together a mood board of sorts for the remaining pieces, I am trying to do right by this house and not rush to  fill it; really let the perfect piece come along.

mood board

But I am currently typing this sitting at my new desk, I love the view so far!







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