Bits and doo-das

Its been almost a whole month since the craft room was ‘completed.’ We haven’t been full steam ahead around here, but we have had some updates in the last few months that have made an impact.


We added a bar top and stools to our kitchen. This has DRAMATICALY  changed how we use our space, and I think we have only eaten at the table a handful of times in the last 2 months. It is so great to sit and talk about our day as the other one cooks.


I used ikea counter brackets, a 1×12 piece of oak and drilled into the counter one day while Schenny was out somewhere. Nerve-racking, but worth it! And can we talk about these amazing barstools? I am in LOVE with the style, and think they add modern flair to our painted 70’s kitchen. Super comfy, sleek, and have a foot rest. A win in our book!


Also in the kitchen, we switched out the horrendous fluorescent light for a much more bold, flattering light. Fluorescent light is very hard to work with in my opinion, and we kept the light off for the entire first 8 months we lived here. This stunning striped beauty gets used all the time now!


I also decided one day the accent wall in the living room needed to happen rightthisminute. So I picked up about 4 paint swatches and on a whim asked my hubby to choose one. Valspar’s Midnight oil was the winner, and Ho-lee Smokes is it amazing! Is it navy? Is it black? I love not everyone can tell. It adds drama, depth, moodiness and is a huge statement wall in this all-gray house. He really knows how to pick ’em (present company included;)


  -yes, I look like a crazy person. That is sometimes how I feel about paint. Just imagine the “mwah ha ha ha!!”‘s going on while I make that face. Slightly less creepy now, no? Still creepy? Imagine living with me…. tee hee



The artwork obviously is staying, because pastel forest green and rose pink go well in a cool-toned modern house. <– sarcasm. It is very expensive to buy frames that large size, and I happened across them at the boys ranch for $15 apiece. I have some artwork coming in the mail and I am STOKED to get it on the wall!!! Can’t wait to show you:)

Other than that, Schenny has been obsessively getting his brew room together, and I can very proudly say he made the inaugural batch of beer last week. He will be doing an update on that, so hang on to your hats, a lesson on vent hoods and the nitty gritties of the grain father are on the horizon. Good times:)



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