I finally got some artwork up on the beautiful navy wall in the living room. I originally bought two GIANT frames from the boys ranch that were the definition of 80’s ugliness, which Schenny gave me the stink eye for buying. Sometimes, you just have to trust the vision;)


I started by taking apart the frame and spray painting it black. I also replaced the matting from the original-gold and tan and forest green are really not my jam. I carefully measured the artwork to accurately cut the littlest mat opening, then eyeballed the rest.



You can see the before and after of how truly different the frames can look with a new color and matting!


And here is a side by side, love how this artwork pops against the blue.


I would like to at some point down the road find some matching lamps, some new throw pillows, a different coffee table, a different rug, and probably a different couch. But at least there is something to distract from all that now:)


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