Guest room makeover

When I was doing the whole project of the craft room, I mentioned we had guests coming and it the guest room needed to be done by  a certain date. Well, by done, apparently I meant having a cleared out space to walk to a full-size mattress on the floor. If that doesn’t scream ‘cozy’, I don’t know what does.  But at least we had moved on from this fiasco:


Now, I have a friend coming in two weeks that is pregnant. I do not want my pregnant friend to sleep on the floor when I have a perfectly a good mattress, box spring, bedframe, headboard, curtains, paint and a lamp hanging around. Since we (the Mr. and I) got a new mattress this weekend (oh em geeeeeee, it’s so amazing!) and it’s a king size, we suddenly had our old queen-sized bed up for grabs.

We started with the trim, and painting over the butterscotch color on the walls.  I had to put proof on the internet that Schenny DOES know how to paint and is pretty good at it. He thought he could hide this from me forever, but the jig is up.



This week (or next) I would like to finish the trim around and on the doors, but as far as this room goes, everything so far has been free, even the paint. Eventually, I will add art above the bed, some different curtains, definitely  new light fixture, and some general fussing around, but the room is SOOOO much better in line with the rest of the house.

Once I get a more done look, I will post a complete before and after, those are my favorites!


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