The Guest room! just in time

My friend is coming tomorrow, so this room was finished in the nick of time:)  After the paint dried, we moved the bed back in and hung the curtains (the curtains will eventually be switched out, they are suffering from floodwater pants syndrome). So far, the makeover was furnished by everything we already had.


I first added the same trim above the doors as I have to windows in other rooms, which makes the room look so much less builder basic (I know it’s not painted yet, hold on to your hats until the end).



I also decided to make the bi-folds into French doors! I removed the pin at the top of the inside corner of each door that connects it to the track.  I then braced the two pieces/doors with a flat bracket on the back, and framed out the front with molding. I caulked the seam and  installed some slick bar handles; I like that it adds some modern touch, and is completely different than the stained-to-match round wood knobs.



Eventually, I would like to change out the curtains, artwork, bedding, light fixture, probably the chair, and of course, that ugly carpet. I will also be adding in some color, I just haven’t picked which direction this room is going to go. This makeover was completely free except for the wood trim, so that’s why there aren’t a lot of colorful accessories. I am always amazed at (and slightly worried about)  the things I have collected that I know I can use later. I bought those handles a year ago! Here is the after, I can’t wait for someone to try out this room!


2016-05-19 17.50.36

And, as always, a before and after:)



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