We’ve got mail

Sometimes, there are projects and rooms that I think “there are so many things I want to do to this space, I’m not sure which one to tackle first.” It is in these times that a tackle a project that has an end result. Out mailbox was one of these.

I am slowly (soooo slowly) trying to convert this 70’s home into something that features modern flair, and I love the look of modern cedar planking.


Now, this is a little too modern for our neighborhood, and eventually we will be redoing the outside of our house in some way, I thought an easy start would be with the mailbox and some planters.


The original mailbox was gerneric/geriatric, oversized and taupe. Out it came and we placed posts and I built the frame before putting on the slats on the outside. Staining, sealing, added the studs to the sides, and capping the front, back, and top, and suddenly, a modern mailbox!




And here is the final result!


In other yard news, the Mr. has built a trellis for his beer hops to climb- yes, we are officially farmers now that we are cultivating a crop. He should have a few cones (they look like green pinecones) by the end of august and the next few years the will provide more bounty than he will know what to do with!


FullSizeRender 5

I have also kept some flower pots alive, and get this: thriving. They are actually growing! I planted them all in late May, and here they are in mid-July

Plant 3

Plant 2

plant 1

We also took down a mostly dead tree over the weekend, and are not so patiently waiting to take out those bushes in the front. Once our house is bare and bedraggled looking, we will then start making a plan for landscaping.



Summer has, as with everyone, been alternatingly  spent lazily sitting on our patio/cement pad and filling our weekends with friends and outings. I would guess the schedule will pick up more once we get into fall. Until next time!





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