The Shed, part one



We finally bought a shed! Way back in our new years resolutions post, I mentioned we wanted to get a shed in the backyard for all the misc. stuff that doesn’t really fit in our garage. Since then, I have causally stalked sheds online, pinned shed storage ideas on Pinterest, watched a friend of ours build a shed from scratch (it’s lookin good, Dan!) and my talk of getting a shed has escalated recently with the twin combination of storing some extra furniture in our garage for a sibling and receiving a table saw for my birthday, with no place to put it in our garage.  I have also cleaned the garage a half dozen times with no sticking power because I end up just shifting the piles around. It seems pointless to give certain things a permanent home in our garage when I know that someday, it will live in our shed.

We picked out the shed we wanted back in the spring, and I have carefully watched the sales waiting for the 11%off everything sale, because we also needed to buy the lumber for the platform it will sit on. After realizing the sale that was coinciding with my birthday, I bought my self some ice cream and drove our butts to Menards. At 9:30 at night. To buy a shed:)

shed 1

The shed in box form weighs 575 pounds, so there are going to be a few guys coming over to build it with Schenny. We have realized when it comes to projects, I  (Amanda) like to fuss and tinker and figure out as I go, making mistakes and learning how to fix them, plus paint and trim can hid a multitude of sins. Schenny on the other hand likes everything to have a nicely laid out instruction manual with pieces that are ready to be assembled; he has more of an engineering brain, where mine is more creative. Even though I am literally bursting to haul stuff out to the shed and organize it, I really have no interest in putting the shed together. Happily, my wonderful husband is looking forward to it!

shed 2





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