The shed, Part 2

We have a shed! We had a plan to build it the following weekend after we bought it, but a decently nasty hailstorm came through and kaboshed my dreams. After not-so-patiently waiting another week, we built the platform out of pressure treated 2 x 6s, a vapor barrier, and 3/4″ plywood the night before install day . Then the guys came over and it was Game On.










The shed was built in only about two and a half hours; they really flew though it! After I was given the tour of all the hard work they had done,  I got to the MOST fun part of designing the storage within. The shed walls have no studs in them, so the rakes and brooms could easily be hung, but nothing heavier than a shovel could be mounted on the wall. I decided to build free standing shelving, as well as building ‘bunk beds’ for our lawn mower and snow blower to save space. Since these photos were taken, we have also added a wheelbarrow and the trash can Schenny uses for grass clippings when he mows the lawn.




Next spring, we have plans to do some landscaping around the shed, build a ramp, and somehow make the edging deep enough to hide the platform. Something like this:



We (mostly I) am so pumped we got this project done before winter; now, my car doors can open FULLY inside the garage!!




3 thoughts on “The shed, Part 2

  1. Looks nice. I have a question. Did you put the vapor barrier on top of the 2x6s, below the plywood? That is what I did, and I have the same shed as you. However, this year, I discovered that my vapor barrier was holding water instead of preventing moisture from rising.


  2. Looks great. What I’m curious about is the bunk bed that was created for your lawn mower and snowblower. Did you have plans to follow, or just winged it? Also, how do you get the snowblower up, or down from the top “bunk”?


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