Feature wall

Most of the time, I am busy dreaming up my next project, not-so-patiently waiting for the right time/funds/weather to complete it. Other times, I get the opportunity to make a giant mess in someone else’s house! This last weekend, I went to south Dakota to visit my dear friend Amanda  who just moved to town there. We visited the Corn Palace (it’s what their town is known for)  before we got down to business.


Their house is also a four-level split, but set up pretty differently from ours. We had a pretty long list of things to accomplish, but all my friends definitely  like to use me to build or paint when they have me over, and I am MORE than happy to oblige!

We started with an inspiration picture from pinterest;  wall molding is becoming more and more popular, and now seeing it I want to add it to all. the. walls. in our house. The wall was already painted when I got there, so we bought the wood, applied two coats of primer and three coats of paint, bought one shiny new saw blade and finally got to see the room come together. It has added quite the impact in the room, and it’s one more project knocked off the list!





Here is a little side-by side action


Thanks for letting me crash you new place, I can’t wait to work on the next project!



One thought on “Feature wall

  1. What a difference! Makes me believe that one day this house can be taken out of the 90s and be the house I have all the ideas for! Thanks for all your help! Looks amazing!
    P.S. You had to take a picture of my without me knowing didn’t ya!? At least the tool belt looks fantastic! Haha


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