A few updates

It’s been fairly quiet on the home front around here; it is my busy season at work, so projects have fallen to the wayside. I have managed to eek out  few things, here is the list of what we’ve been up to!

The Garage:

I have wanted to get the garage organized into it’s final layout now that the shed is completed. One of my main focuses was wood storage, it seems to multiply in the night! Clearly, my storage bin/too-small-garbage can system was not working, so I built some shelves to accommodate all the pieces I have.





I also went through and removed most of the lawn care items to the shed (finally!! Wahoo!!)


The Guest room:

I sewed some curtains for my guest bedroom, the heavy (like bad bangs from the 90s heavy) dark vinyl wood blinds made the whole window feel unbalanced and dark.




I made the curtains blackout, and added the molding above the window. Much more light and bright! To round out the room, I am planning on adding a stencil to the headboard wall, new lighting and nightstands, and have been tossing around the idea scrapping the ceilings myself again ( I know. What. the HELL. am I thinking???) As this is a guest room that we personally don’t use much, it gets bumped down to the middle of the list. Which brings me to…

Our bedroom:

What? As in we are actually doing something to it after 18 months of literally nothing? It’s in a sad state of affairs, and I was feeling particularly ambitious one weekend and decided to paint it out of the blue.


Unfortunately, the paint I picked for the room skewed to a dark gray-blue that we both hated, so it took a few tries to get it right. I’m still on the fence about the color, I think it looks green, which is what I was trying to get away from. I have big, big plans (and drawings!) of this room, which I will be sharing soon. Can’t wait! In the meantime, I am loving our faaaabulous new nightstands (insert eyeroll here)


I also helped out a friend with painting her bathroom and vanity, as well as figured out a flooring solution with her for her living room (how many times is it acceptable to track back and forth across Menards before they give you a blue apron and a name tag?)


Other than that, the holidays are coming, so my budgets are going to be competing for attention with Christmas cards, presents, food, and travel, but I at least have a focus for the upcoming months!  With that, I will leave you secure in the knowledge that my dear husband has discovered Amazon Prime Pantry, and has structured his life accordingly.



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