A garage update

A bird told me I haven’t given a final update on the garage, and after taking full advantage of this weekend’s gorgeous weather, I am finally done until next spring! As a reminder, here was the before:


Many things have been built to put things away, including the wood rack, upper shelves around the perimeter, and most importantly, that glorious shed. Lets have a look-see on how it is today:


The changes: I rearranged the hooks on the pegboard to accommodate more stuff. When I first installed it, I spread everything out to make it look more full. I have slowly been adding to my arsenal, so I will be (probably forever) tinkering with the layout. I also added some more labels and went through a general sorting of things so the Mr. an I can find what we need easily.


I created a Schenny Station, which is conveniently on his side of the garage. In the bins above is oil changing paraphernalia, used oil containers, fishing gear and mower gas. I also have tarps and drop cloths, tarp straps, garbage bags, salt, the shovels and brooms and the big open area below the shelf is for the snow blower. Having all his stuff clearly labeled has been an enormous help, and it keeps my workbench cleared off too:)


We put the bikes on the ceiling, and have tried to really think about  what we need in the garage vs. what can either be thrown/donated or moved to the shed. I will be relocating the orange spotlights, that bag and my tool belt, but for now at least they are off the floor.

As far as my table saw goes, I will need to build a table/cart/storage rack for it, and I am still working on the plans for that. Right now, it can tuck back into the corner out of the way.

And just to give all you type A personalities out there heart palpitations, here it was about 2 months ago


It’s come along way, don’t you think? 😉



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