Guest Room continued

I have been slowly adding to the guest room, focusing on this room for a few reasons: one, it is easy to start and stop in this room because we don’t go in here on a daily basis like our bedroom or bathroom. Two, I am striving towards getting one room in this house exactly the way I want it to be; barring ceiling scraping + crown molding and flooring (both will come much later) and this room is fairly close. Here is where I left off:


Recent updates include draperies, window trim, and corner shelves. Something was definitely missing though,  I didn’t think art would fill in enough. And it was feeling a bit monotone.I found this stencil on pinterest, and I loved the geometric aspect it would bring to the room.


I forget how long it takes to stencil a wall, especially one that is geometric, since any wobble or crookedness in the pattern will show up.


I framed the edges with simple white molding, to create some dimension in the space.



I have an art ledge in the works, with a few pieces coming in the mail. This room definitely needs some color, pinks, navys, blues and greens come to mind.  Then nightstands and lamps for both sides, a new light fixture, and a new bedspread, a different chair and we are looking at the finish line!


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