2017 is here!

Whooo! I am totally on the train of “out with the old, in with new” this year, and I am saying sayonara to last year. I laid out a few resolutions last January, I’m going to recap how we did. Here we go!

#1: A shed! Hooray!


We set out to get a shed, and HECK YES we did. After a crew of friends assembled with the promise of a steak and a beer, the shed got put up in a about 3 hours. Glorious storage and way to steal some space back in the garage (resolution for 2017!)

#2: Lighting:

The lighting is slowly being updated, so far we’ve hit our master bedroom (soooo glad that awful fan is gone, it only had a 25w bulb!!) the upstairs bathroom, one light in the entryway, and the kitchen light. I am SUPER excited to get the light in the stairwell changed out, and I am thinking there will be a few fun updates coming down the pipe.


#3: Craft Room:

Surprise! I switched the craft room and guestroom and each is functioning better than before. I am thisclose to finishing the guest room, can’t wait to show it off! Here’s a sneak peek:


#4: Character: Still working on this, so far the main additions have been the pieces above the doorways, and converting bi-folds to French doors. They are (mostly) quick, easy and pack a visual punch. As I get more comfortable with my new garage toys, I think I will be adding more and more in the new year.


Now, just because we only had four areas of focus didn’t mean we sat around dilly-dallying around the rest of the house. Here are a few of the rest of the highlights:

A bathroom refresh


A new mailbox


A smidge of patio privacy


The beginnings of a hop farm

FullSizeRender 5

Glorious, magnificent, spectacular, fabulous garage clean out and the start of permanent storage


I will be doing a 2017 resolutions post soon, and you can bet your bottom the garage is at the top of the list. Because, let’s face it, as much as I love my table saw as our guest of honor, it would be lovely to have a dining table again.







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