February resolutions?

Is it too late for new year’s resolutions? I say no, so here are the ones I will hopefully be kicking butt this year:)

Master bedroom: This year we will finally be making a headboard (and, if we’re really good, some nightstands)! We’ve lived long enough with pillows stuffed between the wall and our bed, it’s high time we rectify that. Of course, I can’t just make a headboard without over-complicating things, so we will also be building a wall in front of a window. Yes, you read that right. Luckily, this is all happening in a few weeks, so I will have much to share soon. Girls weekend, here we come!


Landscaping: This. is. the. year. those. damn. bushes. come. OUT! Out I say! The bushes in front of the downstairs living room block so much light, are over grown, and leave much to be desired in the design realm that they are simply, and deliciously, going to be yanked from the earth with heavy machinery. I have a date with my brother and his bobcat and I cannot WAIT for this to happen. The tree in the picture below has been removed due to it being 3/4 dead. We are also going to be doing some landscaping in front of the big windows on the house and around the shed, as well as probably adding more hops to the hop farm and maybe a bush/tree in the back? This will need to be fleshed out closer to summer, it’s hard to picture it with snow blocking my view:)


The basement: Hooray! This room will get a MUCH needed paint job, as well as hopefully an update on the fireplace. I laid out some plans in an earlier post, so I will get into more detail when the time comes.


The garage: I am continuing to build the various stations I need for all my tools so I can build things in my workshop. Now that I have a workspace/table for the table saw, I can now build a rolling stand for the planer, router, add more storage for supplies and wood scraps. I am thinking this ‘room’ will always be a work in progress, but I can honestly say I love the challenge of organizing it and finding innovative new ways to store tools.  Because this could use some serious organization:


These are the main thing we will be focusing on this year, but of course there will be other surprises and installs around the house. Sometimes with the right thing jumps into your lap, you have to run with it. If anybody would care to throw a 24″ sputnik chandelier in my lap, I will certainly run as fast as I can with it clutched in my hands;)





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