Na na na na na na na na Nightstands!!

Today I will be sharing the nightstands I made for our guest room, they definitely add a sense of built-in instead of just a piece of furniture.


I have learned a lot from my husband about really thinking things through when it comes to plans. Normally, I would dive in and start cutting wood and figuring it out as I go. Instead, I channeled my inner Schenny’s-engineer-brain and drew out a cut list and final plan drawings. Then, I could go to Menards and buy everything I needed in ONE trip. Hooray! I guess he’s on to something…. 🙂


The nightstands are very simple, a white box attached to the wall with a wood French cleat. I wanted to add even more storage, so I designed and built a drawer for it to hold goodies and overnight supplies. The drawer front is made of walnut and features an acrylic handle (swoon!), tying in with the handles and top of the fauxdenza in the dining room.




There’s even an added little secret that I am loving: a built-in plug-in! I wanted to add a space for my guest to plug their phones in at night without searching for a receptacle on the wall, now it’s at eye level and their charger cord doesn’t have to stretch during nighttime scrolling on Pinterest:)


I used a Masonite material for the boxes and let me tell you, that stuff cuts like buttah. So smooth, I could barely tell when my saw blade was biting in to it. And, as all my projects go in the winter, this was the impending disaster from making these. Spring can’t come soon enough!


I needed a second one as the bed felt unbalanced, but this drawer front is fake. It would have ended up being such a skinny-mini drawer that it wouldn’t have held much more than gum. But I love the chance to add acrylic whenever I can!


Here is the last before and after:


Overall, these definitely added something I felt was missing, the final reveal of the guest room (I swear, this is the last one!) is coming soon!



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