Window (not) into my soul

In our old house, we had a window behind our bed, which I didn’t like, but with an old house like that, you just make do. When we started looking for a new house, I vowed I would get a bedroom with a solid wall we could put our bed against, and dang it all, when I walked into the master bedroom, I saw this:


So for two years, I put up black out curtains to hide that darn window. Since the window is so off center, I had to stretch the curtains quite a ways to make it look balanced. Overall, it was a very temporary, cluttered look.


I have planning this wall for quite some time, but have heard it all: the horror of covering a window! What will the neighbors think? What about resale??? Here’s what I think

  1. There is another window in the room, so there is plenty of light and a fire escape
  2. We covered the window glass with black tag board, so it is just looks dark from the outside
  3. I believe the space will make more sense for a future buyer to have a dedicated ‘bed spot’ so they aren’t struggling with layout as well. And, if they don’t like it, THEY can tear it out!:)

I had some delightful friends over and we really knocked it out of the park. I had stained all the poplar wood the week before, so we were able to start right away.

Bracing went up


Then window was covered (left a funny note if it’s ever exposed again)


Cut all the boards so there are 45 degree miter cuts on each end


We needed to determine the layout of the various stains of the wood


So we could finally put the first few up



And finished the wall!


We left it about 16″ off the floor because of the heat register and the fact there will be nightstands and you wont see the edges towards the floor. It has added so much character and dimension to this room, I LOVE not having those curtains up there! Here is the before and after


We also built a king sized bed, but I am waiting on the final upholstery fabric, stay tuned:)



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