Take me outside

Does it feel like spring is just at the tip of our fingers? Like how today it was 70 degrees but there’s a cold front coming in and tomorrow there is supposed to be snow? SOME day, it will be warm for good, and that is when our big outdoor projects begin!

Our back patio leaves much to be desired, but it is a nice level surface and is big enough to hold about 4 people. Last year, we added the white fence to block the wind and add some privacy, which created a much-needed ‘room’ feeling. With our patio furniture from the old house, a bucket of cement with a 2×2″ wood pole, and some nice string lights, it was a decent place to hang out:


Charming right? It worked for the first real summer we were here, and we (Schenny) hosted the guys a few times and life was good. Then along came this teeny, tiny little website called Pinterest and poof! Our simple little patio was going to get a major upgrade, approved by  the Mister even:)

We’ve talked about goals for this house over the winter, and Schenny LOVES to entertain. Loves to grill, drink beer, play lawn games, joke around and have a grand old time with anyone willing to make the trek up to north Fargo. I am not much of an outdoors type of person, so anything that will feel more like a room and less like a spot to pitch a tent is fine with me. We are going to switch from the current living room set up (a love seat with two chairs) to a dining table that will fit 6. That way everyone has a spot to sit and no one is hunched over the coffee table eating steak off their knees. And having  a simple dining set would be soooo much better with a pergola over the top, right?

Here is our plan:



In this picture, you can see there is a pathway straight out from the garage. We need a place to store the grill, and the pergola itself will be about 12’wide, so there is an nice walkway out to the back yard on the left.


We are also setting the table closer to the back edge so you don’t step right into the back of a chair. We originally wanted a round table, but the dimensions just felt too tight.

I am so grateful I have access to the kind of technology that allows me to draw in 3D, it really helps showing my hubby what’s in my head. We have a calculated shopping list from Menards, and are getting the table and chairs in the next few weeks. Sunshine and warm temps can’t come soon enough! We would love suggestions about what to add, is there anything we are missing? What do you love about your backyard? Curious minds would like to know:)


2 thoughts on “Take me outside

  1. Love the idea. We’re doing some landscaping and resetting our paver patio as well. Are you going to wrap the lights in the pergola? Maybe think about adding those mason jar lights, too? Are going to add a big outdoor rug?


    • Oh heck yes we are wrapping lights around the pergola! Always love the idea of an outdoor rug, we’ve had one and it looks so cozy, how to keep it from developing mold underneath? Also was thinking of beefing up the columns with some rock/planters around the bases, easier to show than to describe. Unfortunately it’s 38 degrees out right now, so we sit and wait. Tick tock:)


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