Pinterest Passion

I am a recovering Pinterest addict. I spend much less time on the site than I used to, and I have become increasingly more selective with the things I pin.  I was going through my some of my 4,829 pins (a low number, I assure you) and found amongst the  funny memes, recipes, old wedding ideas, closet inspiration, Harry Potter trivia, gift ideas, hairstyles and the odd political post, are some GOOD ideas I have saved. Things I want to actually make happen in real life. I have had several pins that I have used as inspiration and completed already:

pinterest pic

But with over 4800 pins, some great ideas get lost in the shuffle; I am going to break down the list of thing I can reasonably accomplish, here are the top seven:


#1 Our pergola. We just got the table and chairs for underneath, so this project is definitely happening and soon. Plus, there aren’t a huge amount of home projects Hubster is totally  jazzed for getting done, so when he’s excited, I am ready to go right away.



#2 Keeping on the “outside” theme, since we are ripping taking out the bushes in the front, and we have already taken out a few bushes below the big window, I would like to do some landscaping around our house. I think I mentioned earlier we have a ring of rock all the way around the house with nary a bush or flower to be seen; I would like to add some sort of life to both the front and the back . There seems to be a train of thought rampant in Fargo that only about three different plants will grow, and every house’s landscaping looks suspiciously the same. I am looking for low maintenance, native plants  that are hard to kill and will add some life.


#3 Nnnnnnnnightstands!!! I don’t know how many times I’ve made a joke about these, but seriously. We need nightstands. I am apparently being the world’s pickiest nightstand picker, it’s just that I know EXACTLY what I want, in a very very specific size, which I can’t find. Essentially, I want this exact nightstand to be four inches narrower and an inch taller. Of course I should just build my own, but that metal x-base? Swoon worthy, and that is what has kept me from buying plywood about seven months from yesterday. So, the search continues…..



#4 Hello gorgeous new staircase light fixture. I haven’t done any lighting updates lately, but I know this particular one would be a show stopper.


#5 Garage projects that add mobility. I need to make the most efficient use of my space, so everything needs to be compact and on wheels. This should be a fairly simple build, I just haven’t gotten around to it yet.


#6 I have been debating back and forth about what color to paint the basement, do we go dark and cozy, or light and bright like the rest of the house? I am leaning towards bright, but Schenny is on the fence. I can see darker built-ins and stone with lighter walls, we will just have to see how light it gets down there with the bushes gone. Also, you know its happening because of this ——>

Picture 15

I have tons more “essence” pins that I keep around for inspiration, some that wouldn’t work in our situation, but maybe one small element or the idea of it is there. After all, it’s much easier to convince your husband that tearing down a load bearing wall is “practically easy” and “so worth it” when you have pictures of people sipping mimosas at the kitchen island, right??:)





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