Make the bed you lie in, Part 1

We built a bed! I am going to break down the building of it today, and the after photos next time. Here’s where we started:


Glamorous right? It was a metal frame with 2x4s stretched across, with rough plywood as the base. No headboard, and also features those college risers to raise it up off the floor a little more. SO glad that sharp, hard corner will never catch our shins again!

When the girls were here, we built the basic frame for it. Having four heads figuring out the math and materials was soooo helpful in making sure the whole thing was constructed correctly. We started with the headboard, added side rails, and finally the end foot board.




We actually had the bed this way for a few weeks while I waited for the velvet to come in, but it was such a huge improvement from sleeping close to the floor that we didn’t mind. I had my fiercely talented friend Zach over one night and we cranked out the upholstery.

First, attach the foam to the headboard and wrap with batting, for fluff.

Upholstery 1

Then wrap each piece in velvet and staple

Upholstery 2

Figure out where the tufting should go (having a great-looking assistant is always a plus), drill from the back and attach buttons, stapling the thread on the back.

Upholstery 4

Re-attach the boards that will be holding up your mattress. Then, after it’s all done, realize the feet need to be addressed because you can see them more than you thought. All part of the official process, of course, I believe we are on step 27.


I had some leftover pieces from the wall, so I essentially made a little jacket/casing for the feet and slipped it over the 2x4s. It’s not attached, so when we move we can pack that part separately so they wont get damaged.

Leg construction

Leg finished


This is what we ended up with, a fully upholstered bed. I was waiting to get better bedding to photograph, and while I am still searching for the perfect duvet cover, I couldn’t wait any longer to show you:) Zach also  made me a little rendering of what it might look like, and I have to say, I love those nightstands!










4 thoughts on “Make the bed you lie in, Part 1

  1. What a neat project. Talent + ambition , which you seem to have in abundance, yields great outcomes! Thanks for keeping us in the loop.
    Al & Carolyn


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