Make the bed you lie in, Part 2

Can sleeping in an upholstered king-size bed make  you a grown up? No, but it definitely helps make you feel like one.


I found all these pillows during my trip to the cities, I love the contrast they add to this bed. I would bet most people with more than just their sleeping pillows realize these are usually on the floor at least 80% of the time, but when you have a bed that is this big, you need some filler pillows!


Side 1

Side 2

That fluffy fur pillow is hard to photograph, but it ups the cozy factor. The search is on for a duvet cover, as the white is a bit stark and I’d like to be able to throw it in the wash. Any suggestions?


I am loving the blue against the wood! The richness of the room has been amped up quite a bit:)


From start to finish, this has been quite a study on construction and upholstery, but we are over the moon with the results. Check out Part one to get the full recap. On to the next construction project, our new pergola!



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