Basement Buckets (of paint!)

You would think by now I would have run out of rooms to paint, but you would be wrong. This room has been taunting us for so long; the striped wallpaper with evergreen ivy and maroon bows is just NOT fitting in with the rest of the house.



Bless their hearts, they were so detailed!


The kicker is we were not going to strip the wall paper, so we needed to paint it with oil-based primer WHICH SMELLS SO BAD the internet and warnings did not do it justice! It was So Awful; we wore respirators, had fans running, took breaks, and still a week later I get headaches. It is no joke people, the ventilation requirements are REAL. Back to our regularly scheduled blog post.

We had a helper with us which definitely sped some things along, we did one coat of primer and two coats of paint to the walls and windows.



With the bushes still in place (patience, patience, mine is running low;) we get about a 20 min timeframe in the middle of the day where there is a sliver of sunlight that sneaks between the back of the bushes and the house. Gives me hope of what it will look like when they come out!


Every time hubster goes through the room on the way to his mancave, her remarks “its so white” which I am taking as it’s a smidge too light for him. When we do the fireplace, it will help tone down some of the white (I am hoping!) and if not, we’ll do a new shade that is a bit darker. But for now, we are loving the difference! Also, I had to leave this one here; I corrected the light and white balance so it shows up exactly on my camera as it did in real life, it is DANG dark down there. You’ll notice the blinds are wide open, and the east-facing windows have sunlight ‘pouring’ through them at 7:30 am. I just need a few quick hours, just a teesny bit of time with the bobcat and that issue will be solved. Can’t wait!



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