Our dressed up pergola

Long time, no hear, eh? It’s been a while since my last post, and since then we’ve added a few touches to the pergola that really brings it up a notch or five. We are loving it! Aaaaand I wanted to wait until we had some people over to take some photos, so there’s that. Onward!

1. We added a canopy

The pergola was fabulous in the late afternoon and evening, but during the day the sun could beat down between the beams and it would be scorching. I wanted to add a canopy on the top not only to cut the sun, but to make it feel more ‘room-like.’ I took a painters drop cloth and split it down the middle, sewed the raw edges and weaved it through each of the beams. It INSTANTLY changed the whole feeling and we love it:)

shade 2


2. We added lights

I know there are a hundred pins out there on lighting for a pergola, so I’ll spare some of the nitty-gritty’s, but we definitely needed three times as many strings of lights as I originally planned. Once we got the proper placing and swag length, it INSTANTLY changed the whole feeling and we love it.


3. I made an outdoor chandelier

I wanted something a little extra out here to define the space, and an outdoor rug would have probably done the trick, but holy moses they can get expensive. Instead, I took an old chandelier and replaced the bulbs and glass shades with solar lights. It doesn’t actually light up enough to use as a full light source, but it really helps ground all the lighting. Once it was up, it INSTANTLY changed the whole feeling and we love it.

chandelier 1

Chandelier 2

Are you sensing a pattern here? Each change made the space feel different, and it is so fun to eat or lounge out there now. I think the only thing left would be to add some plants, but we’re getting close to fall and I have a fireplace makeover I would rather spend my money on. But for now, we are thoroughly enjoying the ambiance.

chillin 1

Chillin 2


Here is a final before and after

Before and after


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