Our fireplace makeover, Part 1

You guys I am so EXCITED!! We are tackling the fireplace next weekend, and I got a head start on it so my friend and I could dive in right away. Remember when I laid out the fireplace makeover in this post?


Ha. Hahahaha. Ha ha.


Not only would this have cost so much more to do, it doesn’t fit in to our long term goal (which I will outline in a few months). Our plans are definitely changing as time goes on, so here is the new, actual plan:



Step one was to paint the shiny brass accents on the doors and grill. Our unit doesn’t come out, so I spray painted in place. Tape it off, put a mask on, and carefully spray a few light coats. Let it sit, peel off the tape and voila! In to the 21st century it hurdles. I will be painting the brick that will still be exposed sometime during this coming week, so my friend and I can build the surround when she comes. Can’t wait!

paint grate

Also, if you follow my on Facebook, I am SURE you’ll be seeing live updates, I don’t think this is something I can keep this a secret until the next blog post:)


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