Let there be light…again!


I think I have named another post with this heading; I was debating between that and “Burt Reynolds mustache no more!” Either way, we’ve been giving the stink-eye to these bushes since we moved in, and they FINALLY got ripped out.

We had a whirlwind weekend (more on that coming soon) and just as we were settling down to do some recovery, I had this text exchange with my brother:



When he pulled up, THIS is what he actually meant. Hallelujah!



For those of you that have never pulled bushes from the ground with heavy machinery, let me tell you: it was awesome and I could do it all day long. The bobcat makes a nice lawn ornament, I’d love to have one:)

Anyway, we hooked the chain around the base, and pulled straight up. The bushes were huge, but apparently the root balls weren’t that big, which was great for us in that it didn’t leave a huge hole to be filled in.





At that point, we just hauled them over to the boulevard and cut them up for haul away.



Our house looks like it can breathe, and those windows POUR light in to the room downstairs. We didn’t know what the house would look like or the condition of the brick, so our landscaping plans are still being worked on.

Our neighbor said the bushes were planted well before they moved to the neighborhood in 1996, and the previous owners of our house never trimmed the bushes once in the 25+ years they lived there. Now they are out and we can work on making the house more welcoming, inside and out:) If anyone has suggestions or plants/ornamental trees/bushes, feel free to send the my way!



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