The new “gym”

Ok, so here’s a little disclaimer: I makeover rooms all the time, both in real life and in my head. I paint, gather furniture, pick lighting and art, and at least quarter of it gets changed out or replaced because my needs or design aesthetic changes. And that’s ok! At our old house, I think each room got 3-4 new coats of paint because I changed my mind. I am hoping as time (and my confidence level) goes on, I will cut down on the amount of times things get switched out. But, until then, I am re-doing a room again:)


As anyone who knows us (especially me) knows we don’t exercise much. At all. I avoid it like the plague. Having a treadmill for the winter time has been beneficial though, and we do use it occasionally. But having an entire room devoted to a treadmill that gets used a few times a month (being honest here!) is a waste of space. What I actually need is a heated work space, and since we aren’t adding a heater to the garage, using the Gym is a great solution. “But…. don’t you have a perfectly fine craft room upstairs??” Yes. However, over time, my ‘crafting’ has changed; what used to be little projects or paper cards has now turned into cutting board assembly or wood staining/house projects. My needs are changing and the current set up isn’t adapting with it. Plus, the flooring in the gym has foam tiles that can easily be popped out if they need to be replaced; the upstairs wall-to-wall beige carpet not so much.

Here’s my plan for all of this: when people come over, I would like to have two guest rooms available. Coincidentally, we have two bedrooms available on the top floor (one is already a guest room, the other is my soon-to-be former-craft room) so I will be adding a bed and accoutrements to that room. The gym downstairs will become my new inside workshop, which essentially only needs a folding table and maybe some closet shelving. I am also going to paint the blue walls into something a little softer, and add some pretties- maybe an art piece and a plant? Who knows. This will also be a candidate for the bi-folds-to-French-door treatment, but currently the doors are completely off, which might stay that way for awhile.


However, the “gym” (should I even be calling it that?) has in reality been used more as a temporary storage room for things we don’t know what to do with. It was much easier to clean out the craft room, since most of the items were sold or repurposed


The desk was moved down-downstairs to Schenny’s cave, where he set it up as part of his world-domination desk


The cube unit was sold, the pink circle is highlighting the only box that is actually used


The dollhouse stand is still there, but is going to be moving down to the new workshop. I really wanted to get into restoring it, but it has been in our house for two years and I haven’t touched it. Time to face the music.

Here is the guest room now:




With the last little bit being moved to other parts of the house, the room will start with a blank slate. Blank, being especially emphasized, because we have literally nothing for this room. No mattress, nightstands, lamps, not even a curtain rod to hang non-existent curtains. But it sure makes this part of the house feel lighter to get rid of all that extra junk we weren’t using.

Stay tuned for what I would like to be the new workshop but in actuality could be any item on my 6-8 running projects list:)


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