The downstairs living room rearrange

I am (very slowly) working on the new studio/workshop to get it ready in time for winter. In between though, I stole away for a super quick trip to Portland, OR to visit my sister. There, we WHIRLWINDED through her apartment and massively stepped up her organization game.

b's apt

Since I flew out of Minneapolis, I got back to Minnesota and helped my friend Adrienne whip through her guest room. We removed bead board, added board and batten to her lower walls and painted the whole room a soft gray.

adrienne guest room

On the way back to Fargo, I stopped at Ikea and picked up some cool window screens for our lower level. I have been giving serious side-eye to the forest green vertical blinds we’ve had for 2+ years, and with the fresh new paint job down there, they stood out even more. (not  picture of the fresh painted walls. The blinds are so ugly, I forgot to take a picture of them with the new walls)


We were able to install the panels with a track on the ceiling, and trimmed them down so the panels float above the ledge. I think it gives a more modern edge than any curtain or blind could do.


Because we had new blinds, we ALSO wanted to finally get rid of that behemoth entertainment center we bought with the house. We sold it for way less than we wanted to, but no one is really in the market for oak centers with slate accents and space for a tube tv. No worries though, we had my old console from college, and even though this room is far from done, it certainly feels more like us. After one final furniture rearrange (fingers crossed, fourth time’s the charm!) Here are the next steps for this room:

  • New flooring (I’m buying this 2 boxes at a time!)
  • Finish bookshelves/cabinets on each side of the fireplace
  • Add board and batten surrounding the room
  • Paint above the ledge a medium gray
  • Add top trim caps to windows
  • Paint cased opening and add top trim caps
  • Replace ent. center, green arm chair, and coffee table and lamps
  • Replace space-age chair
  • Add a bistro table and chairs
  • Add a bar cart (so excited for this! Even though I don’t really drink that much)
  • Add art, knick knacks and plants

Here’s a few before-and-currents; I’m not at the afters yet, but progress is progress;)

b&c 1

b&c 2

Remember this? It’s certainly come a long way!



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