Workshop beginnings

Hooray! Step one of the workshop kickoff has been completed- we painted the walls! I had my friend Amanda over (I am not talking in the first person; I’m not that weird) and as we were discussing the room, we got into a lively chat about design mistakes. My only defense of the “design” (I hate to even call it that) of this room was that it was one of the first rooms that I did, and I have been over the color scheme almost as soon as we did it. The bright blue doesn’t jive with anything in our house, it was time to tone it down.


I picked a really soft white with a tish of blush. It’s not pink by any means, but I wanted something warm without being yellow, and since this room is really just for me, I could do anything I wanted. Thankfully, the years of my love of hot pink has simmered down to liking just the barest of soft peony pink.


IMG_4484So here we stand, the room is painted. I would like to get an adjustable-height work table so I can stand or sit while doing projects, and I will be building window cornice boxes to hide the blinds. My motivation has been lacking in this room, and it’s amazing what a little paint can do! And a bestie that trims the whole room so I don’t go crazy:)


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