Master bedroom Closets

I have been doing the French door treatment to all the closet doors in our house, and have learned things along the way to apply to the next set. I recently completed our Master bedroom closet doors and WOW was there more work than I anticipated! I had tweaked some things this time that added to the already numerous steps, but the outcome is better looking than the others I’ve done so far.

First, were we started:

closets before

These doors, like all the trim in the house, are super dark, and since they take up an entire wall, they really suck the light out of the room. I have found with the rest of the doors, two coats of primer and three to four coats of paint are needed to fully cover the dark stain; and even after all that work and time, you are still clearly able to see the texture of the wood grain. This time I decided to put a thin MDF panel in the middle to cut out the exposed end grain.

mdf montage

Primer and two and a half coats of paint, the outsides were mostly complete.

primer and paint

I also decided to do the trim on the inside right away, instead of waiting a few months before picking up steam again. Without the trim, the seam on the back of the doors where the bi-folds  meet is exposed; trimming it out hides all the sins. Plus, it gives a sturdier spot for hooks or a mirror


Once handles are put on, this project is basically finished!


With the new doors, I also took the time to finally address the mismatched drawer fronts and handles on the insides of the closet. As a closet designer, my own closet should be amazing, but isn’t there some quote about a plumber’s house has the most leaks? Anyway, these modern chrome handles tie in the shaker style and match the rods. Over all, a very polished look.




One more before and after:


The countdown for the basement flooring install is just a few weeks away!


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