Nightstands, by any other name, are just as useful


I can’t BELIEVE after two years of whining I didn’t mention we finally got nightstands!! What a DIFFERENCE they make, and now we can actually put our phones where we can find them! To recap, we had none to begin with:


Then I tried this behemoth


It was fine on Schenny’s side (shown) but my side couldn’t be any wider than 17″ and this one was misrepresented on the website I bought it from, so it didn’t fit.

Then I tried these, which were way too small in comparison to the bedframe



(Don’t mind the Kleenex…and the unmade bed, we were both going through head colds!) These just made everything look sad; the carpet was exposed, making it look dingy, and there was no where for cords to go. The were too short and just way too teeny compared to our bed.


And now we have these!! I needed something that didn’t compete with the wood wall and would hold their own next to the velvet bed. They needed to be a very specific size which was my main limiting factor. But here they are!



We love them, they are the perfect height, light color, modern style, aren’t competing with the wood wall, have a nice big drawer and plenty of storage space below. Now that we have them, I am so excited about getting the sconces up on the wall. The lamps we have are a leftover from the old house and aren’t quite fitting in the style of this house. I’m chomping at the bit to get them, but HOLY SMOKES we are ripping out basement carpet this weekend!!! Stay tuned:)




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