2017 Recap!

It’s been a wild year this year and we have accomplished so much in this house! To start, lets look back at what I set my goals for at the beginning of 2017:

Master bedroom: This year we will finally be making a headboard (and, if we’re really good, some nightstands)! We’ve lived long enough with pillows stuffed between the wall and our bed, it’s high time we rectify that. …we will also be building a wall in front of a window. 

Man, did we dive in to that! Here’s how far we’ve come: we built a wood wall in front of the south window, built an upholstered bed (headboard, footboard, rails and support),  , painted the window and got new drapes, made over both sets of closet doors and got nightstands! There’s only a bit to go in this room, dare I say we’ll finish in 2018?

Bedroom compilation

Landscaping:  This. is. the. year. those. damn. bushes. come. OUT! Out I say! The bushes in front of the downstairs living room block so much light, are over grown, and leave much to be desired in the design realm that they are simply, and deliciously, going to be yanked from the earth with heavy machinery. I have a date with my brother and his bobcat and I cannot WAIT for this to happen.

The! Bushes! Are! Out! Oh what a happy day that was. There is so much more light coming in to the basement now, and the outside of the house can breathe a little. It does look pretty bare, but we will start on all that next summer. We also took down the front tree, and managed to plant one little bush in the back.


Basement: This room will get a MUCH needed paint job, as well as hopefully an update on the fireplace.

Oh, this basement. How far we’ve come! I had no idea at the beginning of the year how much we would accomplish, and I am so excited to see where this room stands at the end of the upcoming year. We started with giving the fireplace a makeover, painted all the wall paper, updated the window treatments, and have replaced the carpet with laminate flooring (which is almost done!)


But we didn’t just stop at those three projects. This year has been quite the year for our back patio because we built that beautiful pergola, got an outdoor table and chairs, built some yard games and actually had people over!


Speaking of having people over, we also finished the guest room this year, and have been enjoying having people stay overnight AND having one completed room in our house.



2017 was big for us, not just for this house, but also for Schenny’s new career path. With tuition and books, our projects might slow down a bit, but I see big happenings for this house in 2018. I’ll be laying out our 2018 resolutions in a future post, hope your year was as fulfilling as ours was!



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