Third year’s the charm

As I look around our house, I sometimes forget how far we’ve come from where we started. We’ve completed about 70% of the trim painting, and about 90% of wall painting. That alone has transformed this house from dated to decent. Now, as I feel like we’ve brought everything up to a neutral starting point, the real fun can begin! My 2018 goals have been set in motion, and really what’s holding me up at this point from jumping in head first is this dang cold weather. I really need to drag the table saw out to start a number of my projects; but without a heated garage, it’s actually fairly dangerous for me to be working with saws when I can’t feel my fingertips.

Anyway, I have thought long and hard about what my pie-in-the-sky goals are versus what is more realistic, both for this house and our budget. Here’s what a blend of that is going to look like this year:

The downstairs living room

My how this room has come along so far! This year, I would like to finish it off, as much as I can. Here is the list

  • Finish the flooring
  • Add built-in bookcases with lower cabinets. Include shelf lighting and crown molding
  • Add board and batten around the room
  • Update side table and coffee table
  • Figure out art situation (add? mounting? arrangement? it’s in a pile right now)
  • Replace greenish-yuck (that’s the color on the tag, I’m sure of it) recliner

Basement pic

To completely finish the room, I would love a new rug, new lamps, a different entertainment center, add a bar cart and a bistro table. Maybe someday:)



Now that the bushes are out, we need to put something in its place, the house is looking pretty plain and beige! I have to admit, I am not good at outside things including keeping plants alive and overall landscape design. The general idea is to add height, color, and texture; I LOVE the modern look of karl forsnter ornamental grasses, so I am going to try to sneak those in somewhere.

Outside pic


Master Bedroom 

We are almost done in this room! Hooray! I would love to have another room in this house that is   D-O-N-E and this is the next one is on the dock. All that’s left is:

  • Replace the lamps with wall sconces
  • Replace dresser
  • Blinds
  • Add some artwork

Bedroom pic


This is the big project, the one that will take the most time and effort, I think. With the new flooring into the basement, the carpet on the stairs looks extra horrendous. I would like to rip out the carpet and replace the whole shebang. Ambitious right?:)

  • Replace carpet with wood stained treads and white painted risers
  • Replace balusters
  • Stain handrail
  • Paint sideboards

Steps pic


2018 is going to be a wild ride, both personally and professionally. I feel a change coming on and I am so excited to jump in with both feet! Also, if anyone has any suggestions for things or features you’d like to see on the blog  (more pics? video? more personal stuff? a better font?) Just let me know in the comments! Happy new year!



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