Living room flooring

After living with carpet+peel and stick tile for 3 years, we are now the proud owners of a new laminate floor! First, let’s recap what it looked like:

2017-12-22 14.12.00

2017-12-22 14.12.19

2017-12-22 14.12.52

We were going to edge the carpet/tile edge with a few transition pieces, but after the first year I gave up the whole idea. Now that the walls, fireplace, and wood work have been whitened and brightened, the light beige carpet makes the whole room looks washed out.

We tore up the carpet out and laid out the underlayment

2017-12-23 13.43.14

2017-12-23 14.48.57

After a bit of a learning curve, Schenny installed all the floor boards as I picked out which pieces would be laid next. As far as flooring goes, we made a great team!

install 1

install 1


2017-12-26 12.01.33

2017-12-26 12.02.35

And now the after!

2017-12-26 16.20.42

2017-12-26 16.21.13

2017-12-26 16.22.07

2017-12-26 16.23.31

We are LOVING the contrast of all the white paint with the rich wood look we have now. As a friend of mine said- “now the wood is on the floor, where it belongs!” We have a section where there are 3 doors in a six foot space, where we also put in transition strips.




What’s next for this space? Wainscoting all around the room, then baseboards and caulking to finish it off. In the meantime, I’ve been sprucing up the doors in the background; before and afters coming soon!




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