The 847 steps in the nook

When we did the flooring for our basement, we left this little nook for last where the workshop, bathroom and basement doors are located because of all the (perceived) complicated cuts. This area clocks in at about six feet by three feet, and has four doorway openings.


We cut the trim at the bottom of each doorway so the flooring could slide underneath and made slow, then quick progress laying in the floor.



Flooring 1 2 3

We finished the doorway entrances with transition strips after a bit of finagling since we have concrete floors and couldn’t nail them down.


Once the floor was in, the rest of the 50-847 steps took place over a couple of weekends. First up, prime and paint (5 coats total) all that dark wood for the doors and trim.

Painting 1 2 3

Measure, cut and install door trim to the all the doors, as well as make top caps for each doorway. Of course, none of the doors are the same size (naturally!) so each trim layout and top cap had to be adjusted and cut accordingly.




Remove old handles and replace with these sleek, matte black beauties


Tape around trim and prime and paint all trim and trim caps



Paint the walls light gray to match adjacent living room, and to bring out the white woodworking


Replace baseboards with updated trim; paint and caulk.


Ready for these incredible before and afters?

Vestibule before and after

Before and after 1

Having white doors and trim has lightened this home indescribably, and it never fails to knock my socks off. Even if it did take 3 weekends off my life:)




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