A sweet escape, to the murphy bed

You guys know we’ve been chucking right along in our downstairs living room (soon to be the only living room, fingers crossed!), but I wanted to take a break to show off a project I helped with at a friends house. Spending her money on a project + bonding time + amazing feeling of ‘Look what we did!’ = win win win in my book. She lives about 5 hours away in S.D., so we really only had a Saturday to complete this whole project. I’m going to use my favorite descriptor here: it was a whirlwind!

To start with, she bought a kit that had all the hardware and instructions, and also bought the wood before I got there. We were able to overtake her garage to cut down the big sheets and luckily for us, it was in the high 30s for the day, so the garage wasn’t too cold.


We set up all the pieces we had cut and began building the frame.






Had to run a few quality control tests


This is how much we got done in one day- bed built, trim and handles on. We put the cabinets in place for a visual, they fit perfectly.


Here is the final result!


It has really transformed their basement and added storage and functionality to the room. Luckily for Schenny, I was able to help with a huge project for only the price of gas:)




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