Filling those beautiful bookcases

We are LOVING the feeling these built-in bookcases add to the room. It’s such a great spot to display some of our personal stuff without spreading clutter all through the house. I wanted to go with a fairly neutral vibe, lots of white, wood, chrome, black and green.


Here’s a confession, I knew these bookcases were going to be happening for years so I have been curating and collecting things from shops with the thought of putting them on these shelves. Not everything made the cut, but I am enjoyed seeing the look come together. The left side, featuring a picture frame I still need to fill, also has some design books, our yearbooks, and a cup of photo strips.


The right side gives the perfect home to the sculpture I made back in college. I don’t know how this thing has gone through 3 dorm rooms, 10 apartments and 2 houses without breaking; hopefully I didn’t just jinx myself:)  It spells out ‘create’ and I gave it a custom base made of walnut.



The second shelf has a photo of us that I might convert to color, since the dress I wore was electric blue and would look great in that frame:)


I have no idea what the boys were doing in that photo snapped at a friend’s wedding, but the polar bear represents a certain tattoo they all have…


Love these gorgeous Lucite and chrome handles!


Finally, we moved this bookshelf down here and turned it into bar storage. Surprisingly, it really rounded out the room and feels perfect for the space. My search for a bar cart just got benched.


Overall, this and the pergola are vying for the title of my favorite project we’ve done in the house. I can’t over exaggerate how much of a game changer this has been!


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