As we are shifting purpose of the rooms on our main floor, no longer having a cramped space right when you walk into the house has been wonderful. We removed the table and chairs to the new dining room, and was left with a wide open space that could use a better purpose.


The cabinets held everything our little kitchen couldn’t, mainly the KitchenAid mixer, serving ware, vases, and table linens. It was also an essential spot for dropping keys and sunglasses, as well as hats and mittens in the winter.

I knew I wanted a bench seat as well as some drawers, and a nice tall cabinet to store all the pieces originally held here. The cabinets are 20″d, and were built out of garage material from my work. This is some super heavy duty stuff, and is meant to be floating off the ground, perfect for skimming right over the heat vent.





Adding a wood top, this little slice of wall is now fully functional, simpler, and is ready to be set up to use for all that snow coming in about 5 months:)






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