A dresser re-new

My grandparents were married in the 30’s, and my grandma had pretty good taste when picking out furniture to last back then (although, furniture was made to last, unlike our particle board pieces today). She chose a three piece walnut bedroom set, and after it moving around the family, I scooped up the dresser to use in our house for awhile.



Instead of painting or re-doing a dresser like so many on Pinterest, I wanted to refresh this piece and keep the original wood, because covering up that matched veneer would be a travesty.

After some researching, I cam across a product call Restore-a-finish, which is wiped on and somehow magically makes all the scratches and worn spots disappear. It seems like a cliché to say, but truly when I used it, they just..well.. disappeared! See for yourself:

See the line down the middle? The right side looks dusty, put its actually just dried out wood with some scratches and a worn finish.


This is the difference, the top three drawers have been wiped with the Restore-a-finish, the bottom two are thirstily waiting.


Here are the feet

Feet before and after

And the final after. I finished with a wax topcoat to protect the wood, hopefully when this gets passed to another family member, it will still be looking good as new!




3 thoughts on “A dresser re-new

  1. Oh Amanda, what a treat to see that dresser again! I am so glad you are taking care of it and appreciating it’s value. It looks really good after your magic treatment. I will have to get some of that magic finish stuff. By the way, do you know where the other dresser with the mirror went? Thanks for taking care of this special piece of furniture. Aunt Jan

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    • It’s beeb nice to have an heirloom piece in the house:) As far as I know, mom and dad still have the circle mirror/dresser-vanity at their house in storage. It will probably benefit from a good wipe down like this one did!


  2. Oh Amanda, it looks so beautiful! I do love that piece. You did a great job!! I lived with it for so long I didn’t even realize how scruffy it became.


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