Dining room essentials

Well, hello November. Snuck up on me a bit, I didn’t realize it’s been so long since we did a project. Luckily, I have some in-progress updates for you on our new dining room!


This room was originally a living room, complete with thick cream carpeting and a host of mismatched furniture. Next to this room, trying to use the itty bitty space by the garage door where the dining area (I cant even call it a room, it’s so small) wasn’t working for us either, so we sold most of the furniture in both rooms, replaced the flooring and baseboards, and placed our order for the table back in May. The breakdown of the wait for our table involves backorders, cancelled inventory, cancelled ship dates and a friend-of-a-friend being in the cities at just the right time to finally pick it up four months later. We bought this extendable table from Ikea, and it is solid and sturdy.



It did feel a bit like we plunked a table in the middle of an empty room, so I saved up for a rug, to ground the space.




It’s an 8×10 and really helps fill in the room and break up all the wood. I also sold the dresser I was trying to make work as a buffet, so now the wall is empty, but I am on the lookout for artwork! The last major item that we NEED (instead of want, like new chairs or a serving board/buffet) is an overhead light fixture. Since there is no current light in the ceiling, I will need to run wires to have a place to install a chandelier. I am not-so-patiently waiting for harvest to finish so I can sweet talk my dad into helping me:) It’s getting so close!





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